Meet the Nannies!

“Because sometimes your kids need a vacation too”
At Maui Nannies we believe that children thrive through engagement. That’s why our nannies have backgrounds in education, teaching, arts, and physical activities. This is just one of the things that make Maui Nannies unique.

Jennifer, Owner

Jennifer has worked as a nanny in so many different capacities between the Bay Area and Maui that she decided to start her own nanny referral agency.

Currently located on Maui, she works with local families and vacationing families at the many resorts making sure their stays are as stress-free and fun as possible!

Jennifer has a background in business and has had many years working with high profile families. She understands the stresses that can come with a strict timetable.

Regardless of any stressful situation that may arise, Jennifer has learned to embody the laid back and kind attitude of Hawaii and knows how to diffuse any situation quickly and with a bit of fun! Her kind and friendly disposition lends itself to great relationships with children and parents alike!

The Nannies